777x vs a350

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777x vs a350

Airbus is confident its A will give Qantas the ability to better achieve its ultra-long-range mission from Eastern Australia to London and New York than its Boeing rival. Qantas has nursed the dream of flying non-stop to Europe for years and finally made it a reality in using a Boeing aircraft to fly from London to Perth. But Boeing has yet to specify a launch date for the and while it is reportedly offering the bigger as an interim solution, this has given Airbus an edge.

Airbus revealed this week it expected by to have an aircraft with a slightly higher maximum take-off weight capable of carrying a payload of passengers nautical miles, about nautical miles further than the current range. This means the A, which has already incorporated many of the lessons learned from the A, will not need the extra fuel tanks used by the AULR to perform ultra-long-range missions for Singapore Airlines.

However, the plane would be capable of reaching both destinations from Sydney or Melbourne with the stated Qantas requirement of passengers. She noted research into the needs of passengers on such a long flight showed will need to be able to sleep as well as a space to move around to socialize and exercise, something the Flying kangaroo has already said it wants to incorporate in the plane. Asked how the A compared with its rival, Lucas-Ugena said the main advantage was that it was an all-new aircraft with no compromises as well as the latest technology and engines.

It also has an airframe comprising 70 percent advanced materials which give it a weight advantage over the heavier X. While she acknowledged new wings and engines made the X more efficient, the Airbus executive described the aircraft as compromised by its old design and the additional weight from those bigger wings and engines.

She also estimated that the A was 13 percent more efficient in terms of fuel per trip compared to the She said the could operate at similar ranges to but was a smaller aircraft that was 5.

Other advantages included the operational reliability of the A, which was currently The Airbus executive pointed to Cathay pacific which used the to launch its longest route from Hong Kong to Washington DC but also used it other routes. Log in to leave a comment. We use cookies to make our website easier for you to use. You can remove any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may prevent you from using parts of our website.

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Airbus confident its A350-1000 will beat the 777X in Qantas Sunrise bid

Forgot your password? Get help. Airline Ratings. Government throws overseas Aussies an airlift lifeline. Sneak peek at the amazing space under the A cockpit. Magnificent color images capture glamorous hostesses. Stunning colour video of the that started the jetset in…. Colour video of the magnificent stratocruiser jumbo of the s. If you love flying you will love this DC-3 video.

All News Industry Conversations with Geoffrey. Airline Ratings Mobile App. Love Switzerland and the DC-3? Then you will love this!When one considers that the Boeing competition will be thethe and its successor, this is a pretty bold forecast. Although Boeing in understandably coy at this early date about whether it will merely enhance the or design a replacement as its answer to the A, there really is no doubt that Boeing will eventually replace the with an entirely new design.

Boeing has already boldly said that a replacement airplane will be a major advance over the A when it comes. Airbus took a bold gamble to place the A across from the and the Creating the seat A, the seat A and the seat A inevitably raises the question whether Airbus compromised the optimizal design of an airframe.

It is well known that shrinking or stretching an airplane too far involves trade-offs. Think A, B, B and perhaps the A The A carries 15 fewer passengers in typical configuration than the ER and while lighter and more fuel-efficient than the assuming targets are achievedcargo payload is also somewhat less.

This puts Boeing is the position to argue its may cost more to operate but has more revenue-generating capability than the A Does this sound familiar? It should.

Airbus believes Boeing is too small at seats of the -8 and seats for the The A has 34 more seats than the Yet the largest A is smaller than the largest As we know watching the development program, meeting targets is often easier said than done. Airbus promises a entry-into-service for thefor the and for the EIS is also an easier target to predict than to meet. Teal Group analyst Richard Aboulafia, who likes the A business plan, nonetheless is already forecastin a two year delay in initial EIS—a figure that rankles at Airbus because it comes so far in advance of dates and milestones.

Airbus believes that lessons learned from the A and programs give officials the understanding necessary to avoid delays in the A production.

Airbus has also scheduled 15 months for flight testing but said at the press event that it hopes to complete the testing in 12 months.

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The two year delay has allowed Boeing to get more information over to the FAA for review and approval than in previous programs. This actually is a bit misleading; the planes will fly only about eight hours a day and then undergo 16 hours of daily maintenance, test analysis and preparation for the next flights as well as deal with the problems and issues that arise during previous flights.

Planned Layup is the amount of time required to prep the airplane for the next round of flight tests. Advances in technology from the early s, when the was in testing, account for much of the time savings.

Category: AirbusBoeing. Tags:,AAAirbusBoeing. Their baseline model is -8, if I am correct, stretching it twice will not win them many orders against the the A Airbus positioned themselves right between the and the 77W.

With the future 77E replacement wave, Airbus could be picking up some useful orders.And Boeing and Airbus always keep some slots back for big brands like Qantas, so we would be able to get availability when we need it. Joyce and Qantas International CEO Gareth Evans said the airline is working with Airbus and Boeing to ensure that both of the next-gen jets are capable of flying the very long stretches required by Qantas. Both the AULR and Boeing X are engineered to fly non-stop for as many as 19 hours, although carrying fewer travellers than a regular jet.

That range meshes with Qantas' plans to extend its network with non-stop flights to more distant destinations. Joyce says this is "good expertise" to share with Airbus and Boeing "and hopefully be able to shape those products so that they work for the network that we can envisage in the future. David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.

Does he mean that or is it supposed to say X or A? QF need the X or the a, I know that the is much bigger but having both is like having the a andit doesn't work in Australia. I think they should go for the X and the for thinner routes.

Even in the most grand scheme conjured up by AJ, QF won't hv many ultra-long routes i. I disagree the challenge of having both a and is a good analogy for the challenge of having both 77x and QF has while JQ has QF's fleet and JQ's fleet are beyond that minimum size.

When AA needed to order new narrow bodies a few years ago, they split the order across s and As because niether Boeing or Airbus could meet the needed order size in the time they needed. If Boeing was able to pump out new s in years, AA would have gone with all Make that As and some LRs. You're spot on, Grannular. Qantas will negotiate the product change from the 8 remaining A's into a fleet of A's.

If they go Boeing, they have to leverage to dump the A's without penalty. It's a smart move, commercially. A much better product in my humble opinion. By "IP" does Joyce mean intellectual property? I'm no aviation or legal expert but if so how exactly is that intellectual property? I think Joyce was misusing "IP" - "human capital" or "intellectual capital" or simply "personnel expertise" would've been more accurate terms.

This has fuel savings and ride smoothness even safety implications for flight ops NW used to be well known for having the best dept in this area among industry peers. Not only about fuel consumption but also about avoiding unscheduled refueling stops.

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What if a pax has a heart-attack or died enroute? Divert Suitable medical facility diversion? The knowledge bandwidth required fm crew are astonishingly high over such long distances. QF want fleet rationalization, and the A will only add more types to the fleet.

QF should stick with s and Xs for widebody airplanes.

777x vs a350

The is the perfect replacement for the s should have similar capacity in a four class configand the allows more ULH services which in turn reduces demand on the LAX routes. So how many s do you think Qantas will order after the 8 if you think the B is the true replacement. For one, the can replace all of Qantas As if its configured a bit more densely, to have around seats or so 28 Business Suites, 21 Premium Economy, Economy was the LOPA I came up with, giving a capacity of I'm not sure QF will need the If they order it, we can expect it would have a capacity around people and clearly it would be targeted to higher-density Asian routes.

For instance, Hong Kong and Haneda.John Leahy, Airbus' chief salesman, has stated that a stretched A would be similar in size to the and offer lower unit costs. Even so, Airbus is unlikely to break Boeing's dominance of this seat market segment -- and may not even try.

Airbus warms to the seat segment At a recent industry conference, Leahy noted that he had initially been skeptical about the potential demand for a plane seats larger than the A However, as he has spoken to customers in recent months, his opinion has shifted somewhat. Leahy thinks that some of Boeing's design choices for the create an opening for Airbus. These airlines needed a plane with a big wing and very powerful engines in order to take off fully loaded during the summer. High temperatures reduce aircraft engine performance.

By meeting these demands, Boeing secured orders for the X from these three carriers, mainly for the larger variant. However, the X's big wing and powerful engines add weight, which hurts its fuel efficiency on shorter flights.

The A is significantly lighter than the competing That will give it a fuel-efficiency advantage.

​Qantas to order A350 or 777X in 2019 after ultra-long-range evaluation

A larger A should have a similar weight and fuel-burn advantage over the Airbus faces a trade-off The trade-off for having a lighter aircraft is lower range. If Airbus were to stretch the A again, it would face a big choice.

It could design a significantly larger wing in order to keep the airplane's range in the same ballpark as the A However, that would add weight, reducing or eliminating any fuel-burn advantage over Boeing's On the flip side, it could minimize the design changes relative to the A to maximize fuel efficiency.

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That's what Boeing chose to do with the The result was an extremely fuel-efficient plane with about 1, nautical miles less range than the it was derived from. Airbus is far more likely to choose the second path. Instead, he wants to optimize a stretched A for the likes of British Airways and United Continental. But would those airlines necessarily buy a rival with better fuel efficiency but shorter range?

The problem is that most airlines want to simplify their fleets. The A would be able to cover most long-haul airline routes, but most airlines do operate some flights beyond its likely range. If they need the 's range for some routes, they might be willing to sacrifice some fuel efficiency rather than buying two planes in the same size segment.

It's instructive to note that Boeing has more than three times as many orders for the as it does for the larger, shorter-range Airbus' A -- which is similar in size to the with more range but somewhat higher fuel burn -- has outsold the by a similar margin. Airbus has fewer than firm orders for the A model today.

A larger model with less range would probably sell fewer units -- and some of those would be cannibalized from the A This casts doubt on whether Airbus will find enough of a market to justify developing a larger A What will Airbus do? If it can keep the development costs relatively low, Airbus may go ahead even if the market size seems relatively small.

However, a stretched A would hardly be a X killer. In addition to having less range, the A would probably be about feet long, making it the longest plane in the world by nearly 15 feet. Emirates President Tim Clark recently pointed out that this would complicate ground handling at some airports.Qantas expects to choose in between the Airbus A and Boeing X for the aircraft to meet its requirement to introduce nonstop flights between eastern Australia and London by Earlier this year, Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce challenged Airbus and Boeing to develop airliners capable of operating the Europe-eastern Australia kangaroo route nonstop.

He specifically wants to introduce nonstop flights from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne by This will follow the launch of direct flights between Perth and London using Boeing s, from next March. Joyce is reluctant to reveal the size of the potential order, saying only that any deal would likely be phased like its commitment to the Boeing Like thewe had eight firm but 45 purchase options and rights, and they come up next year for action.

Qantas has been a major customer for both Airbus and Boeing widebodies, but has never ordered the A or the It currently operates 28 As and recently began introducing the first of eight s it has on firm order. It also flies 12 As but has deferred its remaining eight orders for the Airbus superjumbo.

777x vs a350

Commenting on its traffic results figures for March, Cathay adds that it is not seeing any Qantas and Virgin Australia will operate additional routes within Australia after the federal government agreed to underwrite a minimal domestic service during the coronavirus pandemic. The unit, based in Jinjiang in China, will provide preventive maintenance inspections and associated repairs for fan stator modules on the engines, which power Boeing ERs.

Airbus is temporarily suspending aircraft production at its US assembly line in Mobile for about three weeks, and is adapting activity at its German facilities in Bremen and Stade. The airframer assembles A and A jets at the Mobile plant. Two hours later, the aircraft returned to Nagoya.

Source: Mitsubishi We provide news, data, analytics and advisory services to connect the aviation community globally and help organisations shape their business strategies, identify new opportunities and make better decisions faster. Site powered by Webvision Cloud. Skip to main content Skip to navigation. Source: Cirium Dashboard. Related articles.Discover what goes into creating the industry-leading technology of the X family using the navigation below. Boeing Commercial X By Design. Unrivaled Performance.

Unrivaled Performance and Impressive Potential. GE9X Technology. A Balanced Design Approach. Combining proven and leading edge technologies Technologies Laminar flow nacelle Advanced flight controls and high lift design Flight deck displays and functionality Computing and Network Architecture Technologies Highly reliable systems architecture Composite floor beams and empennage NEW Technologies High span composite wing with folding tip Clean sheet engine design New passenger experience.

Advanced Connectivity. Supplies value during the entire travel experience. Better Aerodynamics.

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A generational leap in aerodynamic technology. Enables high-span efficiency while maintaining taxiway and gate compatibility. Reduced drag with smoother airflow over nacelles. Unconstrained wing Folding wingtip Laminar flow nacelles. Unmatched Network Growth Opportunities. Folding Wingtip. Better aerodynamics with a folding wingtip. An Enhanced Cabin Environment. An enhanced cabin environment.

Lower cabin altitude Improved humidity Cleaner air Smooth ride technology Improved temperature control Lower cabin noise. Fresh Flight Experience. The X will deliver a fresh flight experience. Larger, higher windows providing a better view. Stylish and flexible interior architecture.

A350 vs 777X: Which Is Better For Airlines?

Advanced LED lighting throughout cabin. Enhanced economy class comfort. Growth For the Future. The X family offers growth for the future. Fewer passengers but more range.

Fly to More Places. The X has more range capability than A New York Dubai London Beijing. All-New Composite Wing. All-new composite wing is lighter, more efficient.

777x vs a350

Increasing wingspan improves aerodynamics Proven composite wing enables long span and efficient airfoil Longer wingspan results in lower fuel use Folding wingtip for airport compatibility Wingspan optimized for efficiency.

Wider Cabin. Cabin wall thickness reduced 2 inches on each side. Larger Windows.Qantas has also expressed some interest in a ULR version of the A The European planemaker said that this variant is a possibility. The X is also a likely candidate for Qantas.

The plane comes with a higher capacity than that of the AULR. Alan Joyce confirmed that the carrier was in talks with Boeing but was only seeking details about the weight of the aircraft, which is still months away from entering into production. Joyce said that he was confident that Boeing could meet challenges within the specific weight recommendations. Joyce did also accept that discussions with regulators and pilot unions would be needed to make sure everyone is happy with a London-Sydney flight, due to it being at around 22 hours of flying time.

The initial aim around these direct flights was to suspend the stopovers to Singapore, which they recently changed from Dubai on a basis of convenience. Overall, it will be interesting to see who Qantas go for. James is a passionate AvGeek based in Manchester, U. K who has been actively spotting for years. James has been an Aviation Enthusiast for 8 years and has a fond likening to Concorde!

777X By Design

James hopes to grow in the aviation industry with journalism being his primary focus. If you had a booked trip today, would you cancel it because of the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak? View Results. Advertise Staff Contact Subscribe. Airways Magazine. Qantas Mulls Boeing X vs. Breaking News. As a result, many UK-based investors are Airbus AULR. August James Field. Current Issue. Subscribe to our weekly Newsletter Delivered every Saturday with the week's most-read news!


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